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     I would absolutely recommend GallowsCornerCleaners without hesitation. The domestic cleaning service I received was faultless.
J. Brian20/11/2017
     I'm so grateful to Carpet Cleaners Gallows Corner for the great job they did last week. They left my home immaculate! The two cleaning ladies were very polite and expedient. They even managed to remove a pretty pesky stain from my carpet. I highly recommend them.
     I was super impressed with the way Carpet Cleaners Gallows Corner works. Every bit of the process, from booking to the actual event, was so easy to arrange for and keep track of. Even the actual cleaning was so efficiently planned that the whole house was cleaned thoroughly in a matter of few hours and I didn't have to pay for the extra time that they didn't work for. I am definitely going to become one of their regulars, and I highly recommend them to everyone else in need!
Matthew B.18/02/2015
     My parents have lived in the same home of fifty years and I that time they'd amassed a lot of stuff. When they wanted to sort stuff out and throw things away, I recommended that we call in help. Carpet Cleaners Gallows Corner were who I called and they did everything we needed. Their cleaners were able to assist in all aspects, from lifting items, disposing of goods and general cleaning. Within a week, the house looked empty, so now my parents have a neat and tidy home.
Sean Prescott18/12/2014
     When I walked into my house after Carpet Cleaners Gallows Corner had cleaned it, I couldn't believe my eyes! It was almost like I was walking into my new home for the first time. When I looked around, I couldn't find a speck of dust that they had missed. Even my garage was cleaned down to the concrete and everything was organized carefully. They had taken apart all the fixtures and cleaned them individually, then put everything back in its place. Such a brilliant service for so cheap is a rare bargain and I am so happy that I came to know of them.
Rose Felix04/12/2014

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